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"Do you want this off or not?" I demand of the bird, "I know that this must be scaring you, but if you want this off you'll just have to put up with me. Those people were the ones that did this to you, not me. there you go." I let the robin free of my grip. the robin flies off with only a slight moment's hesitation, chirping loudly as he disappears into the sky. "If only people would learn..." I think to myself.

The crowd returns. They start throwing all of their garbage at me. I cower in fright but they just keep throwing things at me. I keep backing away, but the crowd just comes after me. I start to scream, yelling at them to stop what they are doing. Suddenly, I sit upright in my bed. I keep looking around, making sure the people aren't there. They aren't anywhere to be seen. My mother comes in to check on me.

"You were yelling," she says, sounding very worried, "and you kept saying something like 'Stop it!' and you just kept yelling that over and over. Are you sure you are all right?"


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