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The next morning she woke up at about nine to the sound of balloons being blown up, horns being tooted, and the smell of already-made cakes. She swung her legs over the side of her bed and pulled on her new shirt that her parents had gotten her. As she walked downstairs, she heard the doorbell ring and saw that her friends were there. She also saw a few gifts in her friendsÕ arms. There were pancakes and waffles for breakfast ( it was a breakfast party). After everyone age, it was time for presents. Ashley opened all her friends presents first, which were clothes, toys, books, etc. (all the usual things friends give you). Then her parents handed her an envelope wit something in it. She held it up to the light, then after she saw the name, Gymnastics Academy, she shouted with joy and tore open the envelope. In it were papers from The Academy of Advanced Gymnastics.

After that her dad said with a twinkle in his eye, "I think thereÕs one more gift." AshleyÕs mom and dad brought out a huge box with holes cut in the top. Ashley put the box down on the floor and ripped it open. A beautiful black lab jumped out and on top of Ashley. She squealed with delight and hugged the dog. Ashley jumped up and embraced her parents. "Oh, thank you! Thank you!" Ashley cried. After the party, Ashley thanked her parents about a million times. As she went to bed that night with a puppy on her stomach, she thought, "It doesnÕt get any better than this." And she was probably right!

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