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With Samantha's problem deep in mind, I had to take Samantha to Dr. Von Grot, the cat doctor. I suddenly yelled, "Come on kids, the doctor's office is only a block from here." On the way the children started complaining about the cold and the wet.

"My feet are halfway frozen," whined one.

"Mine too!" whined another.

"I'm tired!" complained a third.

Samantha simply barked. The bark sounded like a cry of wind. All the complaints and worry started to fill my head. When we drew near the doctor's office, our coats were soaking wet with the snow and freezing. Once we entered the room, warmth surrounded us, and we soon became comfortable. You know, Doctor Von Grot has always been a plain-spoken man and has helped me on many occasions. The doctor bent down to nuzzle my kittens. Each purred it its turn, but when it was Samantha's turn, she let out a big old "WOOF!"

The doctor jumped back in amazement. "So that's your problem!" he exclaimed. I can remember his words till this very day. He explained, "My little mother, there is no cure for barking kittens."


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