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So the kids all started playing with Josh and Gadrial, and they found that they were very good friends to have.


About the Authors

Silena Churchill is in grade nine. She lives in Canada with her two parents, a brother, sister, two cats and a dog. Her illustrative talents tend toward the amazing, and she writes a pretty mean story too. Silena helped to write, publish and edit this story, as well as illustrating it. It was her objective in this story to educate children about illnesses such as AIDS.

Jody Seguin was born on May 5, 1979. Jody goes to school in Canada and wants to be a writer when she is older. Jody wrote this story, and helped to illustrate, edit and publish it. Jody has a brother, two parents, a dog and a cat. Jody loves writing, but prefers to write Sci-fi and Fantasy. She hopes that someday she will be considered a top writer in her genre.


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