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Then, all of these people came up to him and said things like, "Where'd it come from?" and "What is it?" But they all loved him, he was so cool, everyone loved him. He went and bought the candy house from the witch in Hansel and Gretel.

After he was there for a little over a week, he was hearing rumors about how the big, bad ruler wanted to see him. He asked many people about the ruler of the land.

Then, one day the ruler asked for him. Mark was so scared because so many people have said things about him. Mark went to the castle and went to go talk to the king and Mark ended up in this long hallway and there was a chair at the end of it, it was turned around so Mark couldn't tell what he looked like. When the chair turned around, to Mark's surprise, it was David Flopperfield.

Mr. Flopperfield asked for Mark to come towards him, and he went up to him. Mr. Flopperfield asked Mark how he got there, Mark told his story about Half and Half Land and how everyone made fun of him and about how he fell in the puddle and ended up there. Mr. Flopperfield said that that was the same thing that happened to him. Mr. Flopperfield said that ever since he came there he had been miserable. Mark asked how that is possible since it is such a wonderful place. Mr. Flopperfield said that it goes away and only true townspeople have a good time.

Mr. Flopperfield told Mark to come with him. Mark went with him and they entered this dark room with a crystal ball in the middle. They sat down on either side of the ball and something happened. It lit up and Mark saw Lola crying and asking where Mark was and how she missed him so much. That was when Mark realized how much he missed Lola and everyone in Half and Half Land.

He decided to go back home and he was. Mark ran to Lola's house and they fell in love together.
The lived happily ever after.


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