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The King and Queen had decided that no matter what age their daughter was, they would keep a close watch on her, with help from their trusted family friends, the fairies. In fact, the whole group of fairies would watch her through their crystal ball.

When their bubble daughter was born, they named her Amanda. When she was a toddler and kid she was trouble with innocent eyes and could get away with anything, but never that much trouble. Then came the teen years. She didn't want to listen to her parents. She wanted to go and hang out with her friends. Near her 16th birthday, she and her friends decided that they wanted to go to the harbor and sail with their boyfriends.

The fairies immediately took action. They disguised themselves as dolphins. They started climbing. The Eagles swooped down and tried to grab them with their claws to make them want to go down, but they kept on pushing.

Then Amanda slipped! Her friends grabbed her!

The plan Maximus had made was only for one attempt, and the attempt was made. Amanda's friends had saved her life! All you need is good true friends to help when you are in need. The Bubbles lived happily ever after.


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