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Jonah had watched the whole thing and when Roxanna had fallen face-down on the dirt he rushed to dial 9-1-1. Both Roxanna and Jonah were in the emergency room. And now my Roxanna is gone. She has lost her life, and the life of the creature growing in her. Our child was lost.

But I am planning on adopting a child. Now that my Roxanna has left me, I need someone to keep me company. Someone I can care about and have care about me.

"Oh my God," Veronica said. "Then...who am I?"

Veronica waited two hours sitting in front of the door, waiting for her father to come home. When he entered he spotted Veronica sitting cross-legged before him.

"Hi Veronica," he said, smiling sweetly.

"Hello, Dad," she said.

"Is something wrong?"

"Am I adopted?"

"No, of course not. Where did you get that silly idea?"

"Oh, I don't know. Does Roxanna ring a bell?"

"Yes, that was your mother's name."

"No, it wasn't."

"Veronica, what are you trying to say?"

"Can you tell me what this is?"

Veronica threw the journal at him, which landed on his feet.

"What the..." Mr. Robinson picked up the journal. "Where did you find this?"

"Remember, I went over to Grandma's house to help her with her chores? I found this in the attic."

"Veronica, this...I..."

"I'm adopted."


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