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Later on, Denise, Megan's mom, said, "Time for bed, children!" Much to her surprise, all the kids were asleep (or so she thought) in a few minutes. But, they had just pretended to go to sleep!

When Denise was asleep, they walked to the door and went out into the street. Then Meghan C. and Tim D. led the way to the pond. They were careful to stay together and were very quiet. The kids were looking at the pond from just outside of the fence by the viewing platform, just to be safe.

All of the sudden, Leana said in a low voice, "Be quiet, I hear something! it sounds like voices coming from the pond!"

They listened and they could hear voices, but they couldn't make out the words. Then they heard some funny noises that sort of sounded like rumbling vibrations. Jacob said, "Hey look, there are flashlights coming from over there!" The kids looked over where Jacob was pointing and saw two beams of light.


Then, as loud as could be, Matt sneezed, "Ha Chooo!" The two lights immediately went out. By the light of the street lamps, the kids could see two silhouettes. It looked like a man and a woman running to a van that the kids hadn't noticed there before.


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