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One day, when Flo's class was pulling weeds and picking up trash at West Davis Pond, they saw some birds and animals. But one thing was wrong; there was not the same amount of birds and animals as the last time. One girl, named Julie, noticed this and told her friend Amber. Amber said that the birds just reproduced and that there was nothing to worry about.

"But it's not just the birds; it's the fish, too! There are fewer of almost everything!" Julie said. Hearing this, Amber stopped pulling weeds and looked around and said, "You're right! There are fewer!"

"That is what I have been trying to tell you the last two minutes!" Julie exclaimed.

They walked around and saw things that were just unbelievable. They saw smashed plants and a few dead birds and animals on the ground. There were dead fish floating on their sides in the water. There was black sticky stuff on some of the dead creatures. When Julie saw this, she almost fainted.


They told the rest of the class what they had seen. Then, on the way back, they saw some footprints. There were two pairs of footprints; one seemed to be from a small pair of flat shoes, like tennis shoes, and the other looked like it was made from a pair of big long-toed boots, like cowboy boots; and the footprints were leading straight to the pond!


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