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Chapter 10 - Back to School

he next day, Flo's class came to the classroom and started to set up for school. When school started, Flo went up to the front of the room and said, "I heard that you solved a mystery and saved the pond! I brought in a newspaper article from the Sacramento Bee about it. This is what it says:"

Flo's Fourth Graders Save the Pond

The students of Flo's class, at Patwin Elementary School saved the West Davis Pond from being destroyed by two developers named Al Wolf and Katie Jones. All students at Patwin Elementary School have been designated as Guardians of the wildlife preserve area called West Davis Pond that is located nearby the school.

Students help the preserve in many ways including clearing the area of weeds and trash on a regular basis, and educating their neighbors about pollution in the storm drains. As Guardians of the Pond, they are responsible for reporting to the Davis Police any individual who may be causing pollution in the area.

Flo Grossenbacher's class of fourth graders has taken a special interest in the wildlife area. They discovered two individuals who were exploiting the resources of the pond. Al Wolf and Katie Jones, two local developers, had been hoping to develop a profitable oil field in the area which would have destroyed the wildlife preserve. Some of their initial surveying and drilling have already caused some damage to the habitat and death of wildlife; however, Flo's class, along with the other students at Patwin, are already working hard to clean it up.

Flo Grossenbacher and her class have been awarded a Certificate of Merit from the City of Davis for their efforts with the West Davis Pond.'

"My class is really very extraordinary," said Flo, "they have solved this mystery all on their own. They are very creative, independent, and responsible young pupils. This award goes to them not me."



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