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That Night

I was looking in the mirror, combing my hair, when I saw--a face. a ghostly face! Not just any face--my face! It was my face, but it was not mine. It was behind me. I looked. It was not there. I looked in the mirror and there it was again. I looked behind me again, but I didn't see it. "I must be tired from last night," I thought, and went to bed.

The Next Day at the Police Station The policeman told us to come to the station. He said that it was important. He showed us the poster-sized photograph. The chief and I gasped. The man...it was, it couldn't be... it...it...it was me!

"I'm sorry, Alex," the policeman said, "we need to take you into custody and search you and your house for the diamond."

"But I didn't do it," I told him. "I was the one taking the picture."

"As far as I'm concerned, you did it," he replied.

My cell was lonely and dark. Then everything happened so fast. They checked my house, they ripped it to shreds they did. I went to court and my dream came true. Everything happened just like I dreamt it.

That's why I'm here, in this place of misery. I will have revenge, revenge of my evil ghost. My ghost committed the crime, my ghost I tell you!

"Alex," a guard walked in, "calm down, visiting hours are up. Time to go back to your cell." I walked away.

"He is a very strange man, that Alex, I've heard he was a very nice man before he went to prison. You know, they never found that diamond."

And that is the story of Alex the diamond stealer. We all left the visiting room. Everyone a little shaky. We closed the door. A man's hollow, evil laughed echoed, echoed.


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