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As the days went by, the menorah gradually got cleaner and shinier. On the morning of Chanukah, Maya was putting the finishing touches to it. She spent practically the whole day on it.

"Maya," called Miriam, "it's time to light the candles."

"Coming, Mommy," called Maya. She picked up her menorah, looked at it, and smiled. It looked almost new! Then she took a deep breath and ran down the stairs. Her mother, father, and grandfather were already there. She placed the menorah gently on the window sill. It looked wonderful! Then her mother handed her the box of candles.

"You choose," she said. Maya chose the candles. She took a yellow one for the first candle and handed a purple one to Grandpa. He lit the candle, said the blessing, and put the shamash in its place.

After the candles were lit, her father, Jonatan, sadly said, "I'm afraid we don't have presents for you this year, Maya."

"Don't worry, Daddy," said Maya, "seeing you, Mommy and Grandpa happy is the best present I could ever get!"


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