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Meghan's dad and sister had set out a splendid holiday meal that the family enjoyed together. After setting out cookies and milk for Santa and apples and carrots for the reindeer, the family hung their Christmas stockings and went to bed. Meghan was exhausted from her busy day. Meghan dreamt about what presents she would get. She also dreamed of the beautiful black pony.

The next morning, Meghan woke early and ran out into the living room. She aroused the rest of the family, and they opened their gifts from Santa Claus. She got wonderful books, games, collectable horses, and clothes. Then her mother put a few large boxes in front of her.

"These are from us. Merry Christmas, Meghan. We hope you enjoy your gifts," her mother told her.

As Meghan unwrapped the gifts, she couldn't believe he eyes. They had gotten her a beautiful English riding saddle that she had admired for so long. She also had gotten a bridle and some other horse equipment.

Why had her parents given her things that people had when they owned horses or ponies? These gifts made her think about the black pony. Then her mother handed her a card. It read:

Dear Meghan,

Your gift from all of us is at Rose Hurst. It was a little too big to fit through the front door.

Love, Mom, Dad, and Caitlin.

Meghan screamed, "Let's go to Rose Hurst then!" She dressed as quickly as she could. Her family was waiting for her in the car. The short ride seemed endless.


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