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That night, the Smith family hung their stockings, so Santa could fill them with all sorts of surprises and goodies.

"I hear Santa's bells!" exclaimed Susie.

"Me too!" agreed her brother.

"Then let us go upstairs and read 'The Night Before Christmas' like we always do on the night before Christmas." Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Smith, and the children giggled.

That night, Santa came. He chatted with Mary Anne, for they saw each other every year. Santa ate his cookies, checked on the children, filled their stockings, and left a few gifts beneath the angelic tree. His job was complete, so up the chimney he rose.

Finally it was Christmas Day! More bustle than Christmas Eve! The children peeked inside their stockings. Candy, pink socks, a book, some crayons and a miniature Barbie filled Susie's stocking. Candy, blue socks, a book, some power ranger paints and a little Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger the size of Susie's little Barbie filled her brother's stocking. Everyone got what they wished for for Christmas, on the tree and in the Smith family.


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