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My sister had a look on her face that told Santa that she thought he had a brain the size of a walnut. She didn't say anything though. She simply reached her hand and turned the switch. The fireplace was off.

Santa seemed very disgusted. He also seemed ashamed that it was such a simple device to turn the fireplace off. He didn't say anything but thank you. He just headed for the chimney. He certainly looked very cross. He would have to wait until next year to deliver all the rest of his presents.

The next morning, my sister and I rushed out to the Christmas tree to see what we got. I got half of the things I asked for, since I had asked for thousands of things. My sister got all she wanted, since she had only asked for five things.

When we went to school the next day, we had something to brag about. We were the only children in the world to get presents this year! Every one of our friends envied us. We just shrugged our shoulders. We must have looked happier than a bear that had found five jars of honey, but all we said was, "Tough luck. Maybe you should ask Santa to come to your house first next year as one of your presents."

The hour went by quickly. Santa was still blowing away at the fireplace with a worried look on his face (which was red and sweaty from the heat of the fire). Our house was the first house he had come to this year. It was one o'clock in the morning. And Santa still had to deliver presents to children all over the world.

When the clock struck two, Santa stomped is foot on the cold tile floor, which made such a racket that my parents and my sister ran down the steps to see what was the matter. There they found Santa with an angry look on his face. My sister, who was very brave, asked Santa Claus what was the matter. Santa told her his problem.


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