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Who will find a human?" asked the sky bird. There was silence in the forest and nobody spoke.

"I will go myself then." said the sky bird firmly. Then he flew out of the forest into the village of Wilburg. First, he landed in a market where he got trampled on and nearly crushed. In the sky birds hurry to get out of there, he followed a burly man who had a bushy black beard down to his knees.

The man walked down a spooky dark alley, into a jail. The sky bird was frightened and he was certain that he would not find a good friend for Emen. Just when he was about to fly away, he saw a young girl sobbing in the end cell.

"What is the matter?" the sky bird asked. "I have been accused of being an evil witch. I will be hung tomorrow." The girl had dark skin and dark hair but her eyes were green like two sparkling emeralds.

"What is your name?"


Roses were Emen's favorite flowers! The sky bird was excited. He had found just the right friend for Emen. The sky bird found the keys to the jail and when the guard fell asleep, he let Rose out of the cell.

"Get on my back." said the sky bird.

Then they flew away. Rose fell in love with the enchanted forest right away and the forest loved her too. Emen's birthday was the best ever. If you look into the sky carefully you may even see Emen, Rose, and the sky bird painting rainbows together.


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