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"I have eight pebbles, I win!" Hare said. "Let's go tell Zair!" They walked to Zair.

Zair asked who won the Kigogo game. Lion said he won but Hare objected.

"I won fair and square," said Lion and he explained what happened.

Zair listened and told Lion to join the group to the left. And Hare was sent to the group on the right. Zair walked to the group on the left. He talked to them. He said, "You are the animals who lost to your opponent in Kigogo. So you shall not go to the finals. You shall just watch them." He walked to the group to the right. He said, "Your first challenge is to stay alive in the hot Dida Galagu Desert. You may only take a tent, food, and one more thing."

So Hare took a tent, food, and a fan. The next day, the first thing Hare did was to put up his tent. Then he put his fan on. "This is nice and relaxing," said Hare.

"No, it isn't!" a chorus of voices said.

"That's because you're dumb!" said Elephant. "You didn't bring a fan."

By the end of the day, only Cheetah and Hare were still there. All the others had to go home.

The next morning, Cheetah and Hare went to tell Zair that they were the only ones left. Zair said, "This is the last test. You must go to Mt. Kenya and dig a tunnel all the way to the top by noon. Begin right away!"

So Hare started digging and Cheetah started digging. Hare was almost though when something hard hit his head. He had just enough time to see who it was before he fell down unconscious. Lion let out an evil laugh because he had sent crow to hit a rock on Hare's head for revenge.

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