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"Well, this is the street you told me and I'm sorry, but you have to get off now," Mr. Likable told Greg.

"But, but . . . this isn't the exact street," complained Greg.

"Well, what do you expect from a tour bus?" Mr. Likable asked, sounding annoyed.

"A tour bus?" cracked Greg. Greg grabbed his stuff and slowly walked to the door. Before he got off, Mr. Likable handed him a brochure which simply read "Cockroach Country."

"What a weird place," Greg thought. "Oh well, I'm going to be out of here soon. I'm going to wait at the bus stop until another bus comes." Greg watched as the bus pulled away, leaving a cloud of dust. He unfolded the brochure to discover a map. The map had different places having to do with different insects. He started reading when he heard shrieks for help. He ignored them and continued reading. Again the shrieks broke the silence. This time Greg put down his bags and followed the shrieks deep into the jungle. After what seemed like hours, which was actually a couple of minutes, Greg came to a large clearing where a hideous creature was caught in a large, sticky net. The creature was skinny and brown. He was very tall and had large beady green eyes.

He looked at Greg and pleaded. "Please help me fast! Spindly is going to come back soon!"

Greg froze. He was scared. This creature looked amazingly like the bug Greg was doing the report on. Greg managed to stifle a scream. The insect was so gross-looking. It had large skinny arms which were reaching out to Greg aimlessly, and it had a perfectly straight back.

"Please, help!" he cried out again. Greg's mind was racing. His brain told him to run back and get out of there, but his legs took him closer and closer. He pleaded with his legs. His legs didn't listen. "Please hurry!" whined the bug. "Time's running out!"

Greg took a firm grip of the bug's hand. It was prickly and sticky. Up close Greg could see that the bug's face was tear-streaked and filled with worry. It seemed to Greg that he was an innocent and friendly fellow. Greg started pulling. He pulled with all his might. He was pulling so hard that he thought the creature's arm would snap off any minute. Whatever the insect was stuck to was really sticky. Finally Greg broke him free and the creature sobbed with relief.


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