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The next day I got a little deeper into trouble. Mega and I were playing hide and go seek. I hated being the seeker because it was real hard to find Mega when she's invisible. This game went on and on until I really couldn't find her. I kept looking and looking but soon it was time to line up.

"Come on, Lizzy!" shouted the recess teacher.

"She's playing with her friend, Mega," snickered the other kids. They didn't believe in Mega but what do they know.

Just as I got back to my classroom, the fire alarm went off. It was probably just a practice for a real one, I thought. By the time I got outside with my class, we could see smoke coming up from the other side of the school. The fire trucks' horns were blaring as they roared down the street.

"Oh my! Neat! Real cool," whispered my classmates. We weren't supposed to talk in a fire drill, but this wasn't a drill. This was the real thing.

Everyone had to go home. I wondered what had happened. I decided to check, out where the real fire was. The firemen had put out the fire and left. I went back to the playground where I'd been at recess. There, smoldering on the ground, lay little bits of burnt clay with sparkles stuck to the burnt earth.



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