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The day after that, though, we did manage to get into some trouble. It was that time of year when the nurse checked everyone's eyes. I have terrible eyes. I am nearsighted and I don't want to wear glasses. That's when Mega came in handy and cheating started.

My teacher called out, "Girls, it's time to go down to the nurse's office." I could see it now. My whole life ruined by a pair of glasses. I grabbed Mega and pulled her over to the side of the room where no one would see us.

"Look," I said calmly. "I don't want to get glasses, right?"

"Yes," Mega answered agreeably.

"You are going to make yourself invisible and stand on my cheek and place your Mega glass over my eye so I can see the chart with ease. Got it?"

"Yeah," shouted Mega.

"Are you coming?" asked the teacher.

By the time I got to the nurse's office, I was next.

"Time flies," said the nurse.

"Yeah," I said as I stepped up to the line.

Mega tickled my cheek when she stood on it.

"Wow!" I said as I took a look at the chart.

"What?" asked the nurse.

"Oh, nothing," I answered.

I passed the right eye test, then the left.


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