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The minute I got home I ripped the package open. Out came some sparkly, squashy clay. I started to make a hand just like my own. That was too hard because every time I needed to make an adjustment or improve something I needed to use both of my hands. It wasn't easy. Next, I tried making animals, a cube and even a model of myself. I wanted to try something really hard. I thought and thought and scrambled my brains for about twenty minutes. A magnifying glass out of clay would be hard, but I thought I could do it. A little clay here--oh, fix up the hole there, smooth it out--there! No... Yes... Maybe... I don't know. Then, I got it. It took me about three minutes to get it done. I was proud of my art so I took my magnifying glass and put it in my backpack for school the next day.

When I got to school I pulled out my magnifying glass. I couldn't believe my eyes! There sitting in my hand was no ordinary magnifying glass. It was moving and talking!

"Hi," it said with amazement. "My name is Mega. What's yours?" she asked.

"Uh, Lizzy," I replied somewhat startled.

All of a sudden she disappeared. Then, she was back in 5 seconds.

"Wow!" I thought. "This is so cool!"


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