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Freaky Summer

by Sean Griffin, age 9, from US

Michelle had already spent one and a half months at her aunt's cabin in Camp Nelson, California. This was only her second summer staying with her aunt, but she already know most of the trails around the area.

Her father was a banker who worked long hours, and her mother was a chef on a cruise ship so her mom wasn't around very much. Michelle grew up to be independent, but lonely. Being with her aunt was a real treat. They would play all sorts of board games, ride horses, and go mountain biking.

One warm evening she walked down to Pier Point to get a book to read. The sun was just setting over the trees so there was enough light for her to see the path. Pier Point is a little coffee shop and store along the highway going up the mountain, and they sell used books. Michelle brought a little flashlight that she could use on the way back to her aunt's cabin. When she got to Pier Point she went straight to the book section, and her attention was drawn to a book about plants that ate socks. She had already read all the Goosebumps and enjoyed scary stories. She paid for the book and the Warheads she had picked out, said good-bye to the cashier and headed for home. She jogged all the way with her hair bouncing on her shoulders.


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