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"Whoa!" said Devin. "I didn't realize how late it is. I have to go. Thanks for a great day!" and he ran off, back to his house.

When he got there he was feeling good and wasn't mad, but that all changed when he met his father at the door.

"Where have you been!" roared his father.

"I just went to play in the woods!" said Devin.

"Just went to play in the woods, huh? You could have been hurt or something. Now go to your room!"

"But mom!" said Devin to his mother, who was now standing behind his father in the doorway.

"Go!" said his mother.

Devin walked to his room with his head down. He plopped down on his bed and began to cry. Only when he remembered the song the little girl had taught him did he stop crying. He sang the song quietly to himself. That made him feel better.

Devin woke up. He was still in his clothes and wasn't under the covers. "I must have fallen asleep without knowing it," he thought to himself.

It was morning and the sun glinted off the leaves, making things more beautiful than ever. Looking at the leaves made Devin think of the little girl. "I'll go find her after breakfast," he thought.

He walked down the hall to the kitchen. His parents were already up, and it was nice to hear just the sound of his mom making breakfast instead of people quarreling.

After breakfast, Devin told his parents that he was going for a walk. He hadn't let them answer before he ran out the door, into the woods, and to the pond where he had met the little girl before.

When he got there he did not see the girl, but found the red leaf that had fallen at his feet the day before. He picked it up and was about to put it down when he saw the girl come running from the trees.

"I hoped you would come back!" said the little girl.

They again played in the forest, but this time Devin kept track of time. After about a half hour of playing Devin had to say good-bye. He ran back to his house, thinking of the little girl all the way.


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