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The Candy Factory

by Mike Wildman, age 10, from US

On a sunny Sunday afternoon I was riding my bike to the Yankee Stadium with my brother, Jon, and my father. Suddenly, my dad said, "Watch out for the construction site!"

I wasn't looking and I flipped over a boulder and landed in a underground tunnel. When I hit the ground I said, "Ouch," because I landed on a sharp rock and my front wheel went flat. I had a cut on my leg too, but it was not too bad. I could hear my dad calling me. Soon the hole caved in. I was trapped!

The cave was dark and creepy inside. There was no light in the tunnel because it was very dark. I heard a noise coming from the tunnel. It sounded like a whistle so I got on my bike and pedaled through the tunnel. On the walls of the tunnel there were lots of insects. Some of the bugs were laying eggs. I found a worm that glowed I was kind of scared while I was traveling through the tunnel. I went farther into the cave.

Then suddenly I saw a dim light coming from the tunnel so I pedaled faster and faster. I came to a complete stop because it was the end of the tunnel. It was very weird because little men were working with lots of chocolate. There were lots of different kinds of machines. Then I heard a noise. The men stopped what they were doing and stared at me because I was so big. Then a man appeared from the side of the factory. I was their boss. Then the little men came to me and gave me a room to sleep in because I was tired from riding through the cave.

I took a short nap and then when I woke up the little men showed me the factory. First, we went to the M&M's swimming pool. The M&M's were swinging from a rope into a pool of chocolate. Then we went to the Holiday Shop. They had all the candy in the world. I got my favorite candy, Vermont sugar candy. Then we went to visit the boss. He lived in the Empire Candy Building. I got to see the boss's office. His office was so cool! Then the little men brought me to the football park. The Dallas M&M's were playing against the Candy Crushers from New Jersey. The Dallas M&M's won! The crowd went wild! Then we headed back to the factory.

I said good-bye to the little men and their boss. I loved candy land and I told them I would visit them again. I had to take the same tunnel I had come in from. The tunnel took me to where the stadium was located. A police officer helped me find my dad. My dad asked me where I had been. I told him it was the wildest dream you could dream of! But you wouldn't believe me.


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