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So a few weeks later we was ready to go on the trip back. When we were close to the camp, Ma said she wanted us to part right there. Good-byes are hard on everyone. She dug in the sand by the stream, and held out a tiny sand crab. "This, my dear, is a sand crab, it is a symbol of our adventure. Each plat on it's back means one adventure." And, with those words, she was gone. But, the crab was there, burrowin' itself back into the sand.

That was the last time I saw my Ma. We all noticed something different with the stream from then on. You can always see a woman in the water. A woman with black hair, brown skin, and a big smile always on her old face; my mother. Sarah Louise Taylor was a great woman. And I hope that she will always be remembered for her kindness, and love for all living; creatures on this earth.

Now to end our Story...

Ma died December 12, 1874; I was 24, Ma was 42. Pa would have been 52. Wolf was 18 years and Fred was 12. Angie died when she was 58. I'm sorry to say, but Bethany died of the fever when she was only 12. Wolf lived to be the ripe old age of 20 (quite old for a wolf). Fred lived to be 18. They were all buried in Yellow Stone, next to what used to be our cabin. I's often go there, to see 'em all in the stream, all smilin' at me. Sometimes, I's want to be with them, but my day will come soon enough.

William Frank Taylor died at exactly 100 years old. We all love him and cherish this book dedicating to all of those who, like William, have made a difference in this world.

What's Beyond the Mountains?

"What's beyond the mountains?"

"The sea. Love, hate, peace, war - EVERYTHING!!



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