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Jeff was the first to activate a trap and got a bucket full of swamp ooze dumped over him for the effort.

Perry and the new kid also got buckets of swamp ooze dumped on them. Cliff triggered a firecracker trap. By the time the gang faced the fort they were red-hot mad. As soon as the four intruders emerged, Aaron (on level two) and Susan (on level three) started firing eggs and water balloons at them. The new kid, not being used to this kind of stuff, fled, triggering another bucket of ooze as he did so.

Randy and Trevor were slinging pinecones, and Cliff, upon discovering that he couldn't throw the cones back far enough, advanced toward the fort and fell right into a pit of manure. Jeff and Perry, jumping over the pit, were caught in the net. Cliff climbed out of the pit and charged forward, throwing pine cones all the way. When he stopped, directly under level one, he got a bucket full of sandspurs showered over him.

Jeff and Perry got out of the net and ran for home. Cliff ran after them, and they disappeared in a hasty retreat.

Cliff's gang never bothered the Tree Fort Four again.

About the Author

Will Fowler is a 10-year-old 5th-grader. He enjoys swimming, working with computers, and building models. His favorite food is lasagna.


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