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"Well if it ain't the three stoogies and their idiot friend never Trevor!" he exclaimed. Jeff and Perry laughed.

"Get out of here Clifford, the big red dog, and take your two puppies with you!" Randy shouted angrily. Now it was the Tree Fort Four's turn to laugh.

"Shut-up, Sandy!" Cliff yelled, his face turning bright red just like Clifford's. "You all are the only ones baby enough to still build forts, and no one gets away with calling me Clifford, the big red dog! Watch out 'cause when you're least expecting it I'll come, and that stupid fort will be firewood!!!"

With that he turned and stomped away, followed closely by his two pups. After they had gone, Randy turned to his friends and said, "Boy, it doesn't take much to get him all riled up, does it?" They all laughed, but Trevor looked worried. "I think he might just be mean enough to try to destroy the fort. So that's why I'm turning this meeting into a council of war to discuss ways to protect the fort when we're here and when we're not."

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