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The Battle of Fort Eagle

by Will Fowler, age 10, from US


Chapter 1 - The Perfect Spot

Randy Randy ran as fast as his legs would carry him. His friends and he had agreed to meet at the river at 9:00 AM and it was already 9:05. As Randy rushed up, two of his friends, Aaron and Susan Frankson, were waiting for him. His other friend, Trevor Williams, wasn't there yet.

"Are you guys all ready to build the fort?" Randy asked.

"You bet!" they both replied in perfect chorus.

Just then Trevor rushed up.

"We all ready?" he asked, out of breath.

"Just waiting for you Trev," Aaron replied.

"Okay then, let's go. Now here's what we do today. First of all, since this is a young forest, one tree won't be big enough. We'll probably need four trees in a square. Also remember, we need the fort to be easy to defend if called for so we can't build right out in the open," Trevor said, "Got it?"

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