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The Computer Freak Gang and
Shakespear's People

by Domenic A. Denicola, age 9, from US

Chapter One

Near the River Avon, England 1997. In which the Computer Freak Gang meets.

""Okay, tomorrow at ten to eleven," Mark said, grabbing his CD-roms. This was the Computer Freak Gang's first meeting. They had just beat Mechwarrior II and almost won Domm III. They were into sequels of shooting games.

But there was something wlse on Mark's mind other that computer games. The gang hadn't done anything but games. He wanted to do something more exciting. Something to change the human world and he wanted to do it with computers.

"Hey, why are you so quiet all of a sudden?" Alex asked.

They had always walked home together but today Mark didn't notice Alex, he had been so buried in his thoughts. "Thinking," Mark replied.

"About what?"


"What kind of things? Alex inquired.

"None of your beez wax," said Mark. He hated the way Alex poked his nose into other people's business. It really got on his nerves sometimes.

Alex broke the silence. "Hey, my dad said he can get us a computer you can program things onto and send them to another computer with the right code."

"Cool," Mark told him.

"Sure is."

Mark thought, this might come in useful. Then they came to Mark's house. He went in. "Bye," said Alex.

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