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He turned the knob. The door opened. In front of him was a not very wide and long room. The walls were covered with clown wall paper. At the far end of the room, was a desk. On top of it was a cooler. As Larry got closer, he could see that a face of a clown was covering the far wall. As Larry got even closer, he could see that the clown had a great amount of high relief against the wall.

It took Larry so long to get to the desk that he was very thirsty. He wondered if there was some kind of tasty beverage in the cooler.

He forgot all about the special substance and he put his mouth underneath the spout and pressed the button.

Out came the most beautiful tasting drink Larry had ever tasted! It was so refreshing, Larry wondered if he would ever have to drink something again!

All of a sudden, the office filled up with light, the clown on the far wall's eyes flashed red! Frozen air came out of it's mouth! Fire came out of the nose! A voice from behind it said "You have drunk the secret special substance of Romania!"

"That's good, "Larry thought "Isn't it?"

"You will pay!" it continued.

"I won't stay around to try!" Larry yelled at it. Running out the door to the office, he could hear shouts for him to stop. But he didn't. No invisible force told him not to. He was free of it. And he had a very good drink, too. It was like a buy one, get one FREE sale. A nice good drink for FREE! And freedom - for FREE!

He ran and ran and ran. He ran until he was out of Romania and he ran until he was back in Siberia. Back to the cold winter forests. Free from Barns and Bales Circuses.

But he was sad not to be able to see Senndle again. He decided Senndle was his friend. He would miss his friend dearly.


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