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You can read the story now!
"The Adventures of Sydney"
Written by Matthew B Seigel
Illustrated by Rob Walker

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about
"The Adventures of Sydney"

What is it?
"The Adventures of Sydney" is our chronicle of all Sydney's adventures. The first story is just a sample of what will happen when Sydney courageously follows her cat into a mysterious, unexplored kingdom.

How do you go through it?
It's all up to you! You decide what she should do next. Or where she could go. At the bottom of each illustrated page there will be some choices. Click on the choice you want, to continue. Use your browser's "Back" button when you change your mind.

"No Grandpa, Sydney fell in the water! Let's go down the other tunnel!"

You can start the story now See if you can get to all of the pages; the story branches and loops! Return to reread Sydney's adventures as often as you like. Just "bookmark" it. It is also fun to read with your classmates, friends, and family, too. Ask them why they made the choices they made.

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