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The next day we saw the Smithsonian Museum. We went to the Space and Flight section and saw an exhibit on Star Wars. I saw some of the costumes that were used. I also saw paper with pictures of things that were in the movies, along with models of the spaceships and other things used for the movies.

After that a few of my friends and I walked over to the Capitol Building. We sat on the steps and took some pictures. Later that day we went to the Holocaust Museum. There I saw two exhibits. One of them was about a young boy who lived during World War II. As you walk through, you can read his diary and look at things in his bedroom. The other exhibit I saw had pictures and names of people who lived during that time.

In the morning of our last day, we sang at a high school in Maryland. Later we went to the airport. The airplane ride home was very boring.

The sites in Washington DC were interesting, the ice skating was fun and the White House was exciting. All in all the trip was enjoyable.



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