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MGM Studios is where many of Disney's movies are made, as well as many TV shows. You can learn all about movie-making, from animation to special effects, through different rides and shows. Besides the more instructional shows, there are also some incredible, exciting rides. One ride at MGM is called the Tower of Terror. Imagine you're sitting in an elevator that suddenly drops and free falls thirteen stories. Pretty scary but fun. To see how special effects are made, Indiana Jones is a thrilling stunt show with fighting, explosives, and a lot of action. I also went to a great restaurant called the Sci-Fi Drive-In. You're insside, but you feel like you're sitting outside at an old drive-in theater. Diners get to sit in replicas of 57 Chevys and watch horror movies from the 50's while eating their meal. They even give you free popcorn.

The Magic Kingdom is called the Happiest Place on Earth, and it's certainly true because it's almost impossible to feel sad here (except when it's too crowded). The Magic Kingdom is divided into seven lands, each with their own themes, that is carried through on the rides, restaurants and decor. My favorite ride was the brand new Alien Encounter in Tomorrowland. Alien Encounter is a thrilling, breathtaking ride with special sensory effects that make you feel like the alien is right behind you. The Magic Kingdom has something for everyone. If you're into thrill rides, Space Mountain. Big Thunder Railroad and Splash Mountain will definitely keep your heart pumping. For younger kids, Peter Pan, the Jungle Cruise and the train will keep them nappy. There are many more rides, some with animatronic robots to guide your way, but to describe them all would take a whole book. Make time to go to the parades and shows, because they are well worth it.

If you want to learn and have fun at the same time, Epcot is the place for you. Epcot is divided into Future World and the World Showcase. When you step into Epcot Center, the first thing you see is a large silver globe, which besides being the universal symbol for Epcot Center, also houses the ride, Spaceship Earth. There are seven other pavilions that cover themes such as land, ocean, energy, imagination and life. Each subject is explored in a lively and unusual Disney adventure mode in the form of movies, rogots, special effects and actual hands-on exhibits. You may also want to visit Innoventions, where you can try the latest in video and computer technology.


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