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Purple, green, and brown coral lay scattered upon the blue sand. Tiny creatures such as crustaceans crawled in and out of nooks and crannies, searching for the next meal. It was then we noticed the tiny fish darting here and there. Some were big, some were small. Some were bright and others were dull. Each had a unique pattern and shape differing from the rest. They were all very beautiful and came in many colors.

One of the most spectacular sights we ever saw, snorkeling in Hawaii, was a sea turtle. It was colored in every imaginable shade of green in a pentagonal shape arching across his hard shell. It poked its wrinkled head out, and peered at us with small dark beady eyes. We averted our gaze and the majestic creature continued on its endless search for food. I swam closer to the creature steadily, trying to get a closer look. It cocked its head as if to say, what interesting creatures you are. It darted into a clump of coral, and we lost it for a few moments. We saw it next when it turned a corner in steady pursuit of a fish. It glanced at us, giving the fish time to swim free. Its prey lost, the creature flicked a wrinkled flipper and took off.

The excitement over, we traveled back to the sandy shore. When I reached my mother, who was on the beach, I told her of the amazing sight that we had seen.


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