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When my mom was with the Peace Corps, she stayed in a village called Tarsaw. When we stopped in Tarsaw all the women were glad to see my mom. She spent almost all the time she had there with them. When my family went to Tarsaw, my brother and I got slingshots. It was fun to play with the other children and see whose stone could go the farthest. In Tarsaw the goats were left free to graze on the grass. My brother, the other children, and I tried to catch the goats. The closest market to Tarsaw was three miles away. You would have to walk or ride a bike, if you had one, to get there. I saw one man riding to the market with a goat tied to the back of his bike. In one of the compounds there was some straw lying on the ground and a chameleon was walking on it. It was funny to see it turning bright yellow to match the straw.


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