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One of her favorite jokes was about a cowboy. It goes like this. There was a cowboy who was on the East Coast and he needed to get to the West Coast in as short a time as possible. So, he went all around town looking for a very fast horse. Finally he came to a farmer who had a fast horse at a good price. The cowboy asked if he could buy it. The farmer said that he could, but there were some very special instructions that went with the hose. The cowboy got out his money and asked for the instructions. The farmer told him that the horse would only go if he said "Praise the Lord" and would only stop if he said "Amen". The cowboy got on the horse and said, "Giddyup, giddyup!" The horse wouldn't go. Finally he remembered and said, "Praise the Lord". The horse started going so fast that no race car could beat it.


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