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During Tyler's two-day visit, Sucher escorted him and his family around the air station and base, as Tyler spent time with his new "Band of Brothers". On his first day, Tyler and his family toured the aircraft and squadron area of Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 261 (REIN). Tyler and his family toured inside a CH-53E, CH-46E, AH-1W, and UH-1N. After lunch at the Officer's Club with some of the pilots Tyler, and his dad, Greg, got to spend time in the AH-1W Super Cobra simulator, and shot down "enemy" tanks and planes.

At the end of the day, Tyler strapped into his gunner's belt, donned his cranial, lowered his goggles and lifted off from Marine Corps Air Station New River aboard Capt. Mike Kane's UH-1N "Huey". The helicopter then took Tyler for a 45-minute flight above Camp Lejeune and New River.

"When we took off he had two requests," said Kane. "One was to fly down the beach, and the other was to fly over his hotel."

When asked what his favorite part of the flight was, Tyler responded, "The beach, yeah, the beach."

"I think he liked the turns the best," said Kane. "He seemed to like it when we banked towards his side."

Following Tyler's first helicopter flight, Kane concluded, "I felt honored to have the opportunity to fulfill one of his wishes."

The following day, Tyler fulfilled the second part of his three-part wish, to ride in a tank. 1st Lt. Frederick Catchpole's platoon of Marines toured Tyler around the M-1A1 Abrams tanks that will deploy with the MEU this September. Tyler and his dad, Greg, then boarded Sgt Dylan Bryant's tank, and took off for a 20-minute drive around Camp Lejeune, to shoot imaginary "enemy tanks".

"This was a huge, huge honor for me," stated Bryant after taking Tyler on his trek. "I feel very privileged that I had the opportunity to do this for this young man, and it's something I honestly won't forget.

Following his ride, Tyler flashed a broad smile and two thumbs-up. He stated that his ride was great, but he wanted them to go faster. A short ride across the street and Tyler and his family were at the Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion's motor pool where he met 1st Lt. Steve Kahn, Platoon Commander for the MEU's LAV Detachment, and his platoon of Marines.

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