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The Homeless Solution

by Whitney Tarin, age 11, from US


The homeless should be helped to make this world a little bit better for all of us. My heart breaks when I see homeless people begging for food and money.

We should help the homeless, so we don't have to see them out on the streets on very cold days as we walk by them in our warm jackets, while they freeze to death in their torn-up shirts and raggedy blankets. The homeless get sick easier than we do, because they are outside all the time. We take it for granted that we have a place to live. The homeless have no place that they can call home.

We could help the homeless by building homes for them. There are lots of ways for us to do this. For example, we could use the housing in the Presidio. Most of it is empty now. Or we could use Alcatraz to house the homeless. It's perfect because there is one kitchen that they all could share. All we would have to do is brighten up the cells with fresh paint and change the bars into doors.

We could help the homeless by providing jobs for them. If we did this, then they could buy their own food and anything else they might need. We could pay the homeless to clean up the city, plant flowers and trees and make our city a better place to live.

My idea of the perfect place for homeless people is this: use or build a large apartment building, with only one large kitchen for all to share. This would make more room in the building, save energy and money too. The building could also have a place for children to be when their parents are out working. Some of the people in the building could play with the children during the day. This would be their job.

I would have a lot more pride in this world if we helped the homeless. There would also be a lot less heartache. Let's all pitch in and do something nice for the homeless.


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