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My Anthem

by Jennifer, age 17, from the US

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Life affords certain undeniable truths, and this is one of them. Groups of people seem to be what guides the whims of today's society. Organizations, the one's with all the letters and the catchy anagrams, seem to be taking over political and personal aspects of life.As many middle and high school students have discovered recently, individual clothes have become a trend of the past. Rights to freedom of expression and speech, guarunteed in the U.S. Constitution, the watermark of human rights, are being violated. Although some students seem to agree to this, many have decided to stand up and be counted among those who favor the right to be themselves over the right to be part of a group.

For example, at a small school in rural east Tennessee, where a strict uniform code is being enforced by a group of martinets, some have decided to speak out. During the school spirit week, some decided to make their own "dress-up" day and break the rules to show pride and support for the school. What was done to these students? They were quickly, and quietly sent home. This however, is not the only incident. The salutatorian of the class was sent to the office, for the only time in her high school career, for wearing the wrong shoes. One girl, a senior, was brutally pulled by her belt loops to the office for forgetting to wear a belt. She was so shaken that she left for the day in tears. Other injustices were also done at this school in the name of conformity.

It is time we reevaluate situations like these. In this article, these people, and this school, are nameless. Of course, everyone knows someone who has experienced similar situations, so one can substitute the names. Not one person is alone in this fight.This is my anthem, my song, and my contribution to these people. Perhaps it is not a violent struggle for civil rights, but the right to express oneself as one feels is of paramount importance. It is wrong to stiffle the creativity of minds so young, so full of life, and then strip them from what makes them unique--the expression of themselves. True, clothing is not everything, but it is a part that makes up a whole, and the use of it to convey beliefs and ideals should not be denied. Who are these people to strip childern of these rights?Is this the society we want? A faceless, nameless crowd of uniform drones? I sincerely hope not. A travisty such as that is anything but American. America, the pinnacle of freedom, bravery, and an individual life, should not be condoning such actions. What happened to the "rugged individualism" of our forefathers? Perhaps America has let that die, also. There still is, however, hope. The hope is in the future, in allowing expression to continue, unbridled with preposterous restrictions. This should be society's anthem: "FREEDOM WILL RING!"

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