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Lock Picks and Other
Dirty Diary Dilemmas

by Kim Foster, from US

So you just bought a brand new diary. Worried about your bratty brother or sister breaking in and discovering your undying love for the star and captain of the football team? Well do what I like to call child proofing.

Make sure you get a sturdy metal lock with a set of metal keys. If necessary, hide keys, but don't forget where you put them. If you don't, this could end in a traumatic experience.

Now if your sibling is handy with a knife, you'll need to hide your sacred book. Put it in a safe place--not just under a pillow or under a bed. That is where they will look first. Use your noggin get creative. I'm sure you'll find some wonderfully hidden spot to hide your most personal thoughts.

Now it's time to talk about the more troublesome terrors of owning a diary. I bet you're wondering what could be worse than having a sib read your most personal thoughts. Well, what if your mom, dad, or even your bestfriend read your diary and got mad because they did not like what they saw? Now what kind of justice is that? You must sit down and tell them they cannot prosecute you for expressing your feelings.

Well that's it for this time. Stay tuned for more info.


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