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The Oregon Trail (A short report)

by Michael Hannah, age 11, from US

This trail was the longest trail of great routes used
during the Westward expansion in the US. Pioneers
traveled on these trails. The trail stopped at
different landmarks, mainly forts such as Fort Kearny,
Fort Laramie, Fort Hall, Fort Boise or even Fort
Bridger, where Green River Valley was. There were also
other landmarks like Independence, Missouri, Platte
River and South Pass. The name of this trail was
various. Some called it the California Trail; others
described it as the Platte Trail, or even the Mormon

The trail was mainly for immigrants who traveled it.
They traveled in-groups in a caravan. Oxen pulled
them. When they crossed rivers, that sometimes had
three choices, maybe to Caulk the wagon and float it,
attempt to ford the river, or sometimes pay a ferry
five dollars to take them across.

On all trails, including Oregon, they traveled in
wagons that were pulled by oxen.
Different parts were on the wagon. The bonnet was the
overhead cover. The pioneers sometimes also brought
wheel axle, yokes, etc.

The trail traveled from Independence, Mo. To Fort
Vancouver carrying thousands of American pioneers to
higher priced farmland in the Oregon Country.
The Oregon Trail was a very historical time, when
people traveled different than the present, which is
now, and the future to come!

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