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Information and photographs used in this article came from the following books:

Auerbach, Paul S., M.D., A Medical Guide to Hazardous Marine Life, (1991), 2nd Ed., published by Mosby-Year Book, Inc., 11830 Westline Industrial Dr., St. Louis, Missouri 63146.

Carpenter, Russell B. and Blyth C., Fish Watching In Hawaii, (1981), published by Natural World Press, Suite 246, 251 Baldwin Ave., San Mateo, California 94401.

Hannau, Dr. Hans W. and Mock, Bernd H., Beneath the Seas of the West Indies, (out of print), published by Hastings House Publishers, New York, New York 10016.

Herald, Earl S., Living Fishes of the World, (1961, out of print), published by Doubleday & Co., Inc., Garden City, New York.

In addition, I highly recommend a visit to your local aquarium so that you can see these sea creatures in action.

The British Broadcasting Co. (BBC) has produced an excellent television program called "Coral Reefs" in which various reef fishes, including the venomous lionfish, have been filmed in their natural habitat. Keep an eye out for it in the TV listings of your local public television station.

Happy snorkeling and diving!

Julie Richer



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