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Needlefishes got their name because of their long pointed jaws.Their teeth and jaws can seriously hurt people as well as smaller fish. They usually stay just below the water's surface, so that it is not hard to see them if the water is clear. Some of them are tremendous jumpers, resembling flying fish. Most of them grow to about 2 feet in length, although some species can grow to 4 feet. They live in many parts of the world.


What to do About Needlefish Injuries

If the beak of a needlefish is still inside the arm or leg of the injured person:

1. Gently slide the fish out of the victim.

2. Remove any parts of teeth and carefully clean the wound.

3. Pour lots of fresh water over the injury. Antibiotics may be needed to prevent an infection.

If the needlefish's beak has gone deep inside the person's head, neck, chest, abdomen or groin:

1. Do not remove the beak if you can get the person to a doctor within 24 hours.

2. Break or cut the fish of gently 1 to 2 inches away from the person's body. Then pad or wrap the injury to keep the part of the fish that is still inside the person from moving.

3. Take the person to a hospital right away. If it will take longer than 24 hours to reach a hospital, you will need to remove the beak gently and prepare to manage a lot of bleeding.



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